Noodle Bowls

It was not so nice yesterday, here in the middle of the desert. Very windy and it snowed last night, just a dusting, but it was cold. For days like these, I keep fixin’s for a huge bowl of, well, our version of Chicken Noodle soup.

It’s pretty simple, just noodles, dumplings, veggies and some meat if you like. If we didn’t feel well or are cold and need a warm up, it was always Won Ton Mein, deluxe please. As my DH likes to say, the more goodies in it the better; he likes his noodles thick, so his bowl had Udon noodles in it and for me, I prefer Saimin noodles, which are more like vermicelli.

I boil the noodles first and then the dumplings or Won Ton last. Next goes the deluxe part of the bowl, whatever you want. Our choices are BBQ pork or Char siu, Kamaboko or steamed fish cake, some green onions and bok choy or mustard greens. The last thing into the bowl is pippin’ hot broth, which I make by heating some homemade chicken stock and a sprinkle of dashi. Dashi is the soup base for many Japanese soups made from Bonito.

As you can see, I make BIG bowls.

This Was DH Noodle Bowl

This Was DH Noodle Bowl

This Noodle Bowl was mine

This Noodle Bowl was mine

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One thought on “Noodle Bowls

  1. […] by itself. I use the leftover packettes for my deluxe won ton mein, but that’s another post : […]

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