It’s A Road Trip – This Time To Prescott Arizona

It’s been awhile, well just shy of two months, that we came home from our last adventure,

Let’s GO!

My Dear Husband planned this trip himself with no help from me this time. He had decided that we should take off over my Birthday Weekend and visit with friends in the Prescott area.

The drive isn’t bad at all, about 4 hours. I like to pack a light snack for journeys, that way if we don’t feel like stopping we can just motor on through. We had some fresh fruits as well as cheese; put everything on ice along with loads of water, this is the desert after all.

We made it there in time for lunch with Mister Friend, Missus was working.

It was an easy-breezy Antipasti Salad at a local place in the heart of Prescott, Rosa’s, I didn’t get any photos. We walked around town and then went to check into our hotel.

We all met for dinner that night, with the intent of going back to that same place we lunched at, but NOPE! Missus Friend got there first, and the pizza ovens were all on full blast and it was way too hot in there. So before we got there she went across the street to another restaurant that the four of us like, Genovese’s, yum!

Prescott Road Trip

Missus Friend and I love fried Calamari as a starter, none for the guys!

Prescott Road Trip

DH wasn’t all that hunger so he order another Antipasti Salad

Prescott Road Trip

I had the Veal Marsala

Prescott Road Trip

Missus Friend had the Baked Stuffed Jumbo Shells with, Oh My Red Gravy All Over Please!

Mister Friend was too far away from me to get a photo politely and not make a big commotion, he had Sausage and Peppers, OH!

Next morning we slept in and missed breakfast, so we just had coffee in our room. I always bring along 2 mugs, Via from Starbucks with creamer & sweetener, oh and a spoon to stir it all up.

We grabbed a quick bite on the run at the festival that was going on at the Courthouse in downtown Prescott.

It’s always fun there.

Prescott Road Trip

Prescott Road Trip

Prescott Road Trip

Then it was over to Mr & Mrs Friends’ home to hang out, chat, and just have a nice time.

Dinner was at a “joint” as Missus Friend called it, Bonn-Fire, WOW! What a surprise. We sat in the bar and nobody was there until a short time later, it was packed, the entire place was! We had a cocktail and then order our food.

Prescott Road Trip

DH ordered the Chicken Pot Pie (you don’t see that too often) and it came with a choice of soup or salad; the soup of the day was Prime Rib Chili, I encouraged him to order the soup.


Prescott Road Trip

Mister Friend had the personal Margarita Pizza, it was really good!

Prescott Road Trip

As Missus Friend says, we are sisters from another Mother. We both requested the Blue Moon Burger. Blue Cheese with fresh, not canned thank you, Mushrooms and our choice for a side was Sweet Potato French Fries. Oh My GOSH, it was served with their in-house-made Honey Mustard dressing for dipping, YUM!

Prescott Road Trip

This “joint” is known for their pies and the pie of the month is Blueberry, very different. Cheese cake-like on the bottom portion and then a topping of fresh Blueberries in gelatin, it was nice really.

Prescott Road Trip

It’s My Birthday!

Our breakfast choice,The Lone Spur Cafe. I ordered the Cowboy Benedict (half order please) which is a biscuit topped with ham, a basted egg and Sausage Gravy; can you see how big-o-chunk of sausage is in that gravy? Oh wait, it came with Country Potatoes and I also asked for glass of OJ.

My husband had the French Toast Special: raisin bread in egg batter and then coated with corn flakes; eggs & sausage patty (or your choice of thick cut Apple Wood Smoked Bacon), and a bowl of fruit.

This was no wimpy meal, and we ate it ALL!!

Prescott Road Trip

We have been talking lately of moving up North to be closer to our Friends. Seeing as it was Sunday, we went to look at Open Houses in a subdivision that we like. THEY HAVE GRASS! They have real plants up here, not the desert scrub.

This brought us very close to the cocktail hour and dinner back at our Friends’ home.

Prescott Road Trip

I had taken a jar of my homemade Cherry Vodka as a Hostess gift, can you say Cherry-tini to blast off the celebration. For apps, Mr. Friend made us something like mini-Braciole, tasty!

Prescott Road Trip

Dinner was wonderful! We had Heirloom Tomatoes with Buffalo Mozzarella and fresh Basil from Mrs. Friend’s garden, Meatballs and Sausage, Raviolis, well, technically they were Angolotti and Marinara.

Prescott Road Trip

These two people were so sweet, they got a Tiramisu birthday cake, including candles.

We sat outside and watched a Monsoon storm go by while having an after dinner drink, what a memorable day.

Prescott Road Trip


Our Motel didn’t have any type of breakfast to speak of, so I had researched prior to leaving and found the Wildflower Bread Company that was rated highly by customers. DH had the Taylor’s Ham Breakfast sandwich on a Ciabatta roll and for me a half Chicken Salad sandwich on 9 grain bread and a bowl of Vegetarian Lentil Soup. That was worth the stop on our way out of town.

All-in-all, it was a very pleasant weekend-birthday-road-trip.

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