What Do You Look Like When You Walk Into Your Kitchen?

DH and I retired a few years back and moved away from our life long home in Hawaii. I’m sure that I mentioned that in my intro. In Hawaii, the ambient air temperatures do not vary by much.

In Hawaii it's rubba` slippa`

In Hawaii its rubba` slippa`

A pair of shorts, a tee-shirt and a pair of rubber slippers if you’re going outside; in the house, minus the shoes, that’s the uniform of the day.

love my bunny slippers

love my bunny slippers

Here in the middle of the desert, it does get cold. The past six days, we’ve had hard freezes over night. This can make for some very cold tootsies in the morning. I found these slippers in a discount store.  They were in the kids bin, that’s how small my feet are.

Last Fall, we took my Mother on a trip to the East Coast and one of the places she wanted to be sure to see was the Smithsonian Museums in Washington D.C.

from The Wizard Of Oz, Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

from movie, The Wizard Of Oz, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

I lost my camera somewhere along the way, so I commandeered hers and took photos for us both to share. I loved Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers.

Previously, I wrote about my obsession for aprons. I know that seems old fashion, but invariably I put on an apron the minute I walk into ANY kitchen.

my apron from Hawaii

This one I brought back from our last trip back home to Hawaii. I like to buy different types of souvenirs than other folk; something more than a disposable trinket that you’ll never use or forget about. This way, I use it.

Merry Christmas apron from DH

My loving, generous and oh, did I mention handsome husband knows me well. He saw this apron in a kitchen store that I favor and knew that it would make a terrific Christmas gift.

So now I pose the question,

What do you have on when you walk into your kitchen?


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