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A Quick Follow-Up

I got a request today on the Cucumber Kim Chee, delish! And WAY easy to make.

I like Hot house or English Cucumbers, here in the middle of the desert, I can’t find Japanese Cucumbers. That varietal was developed by the University of Hawaii, and I highly doubt that I will ever find them here in AZ. No need to peel them, just a nice rinse under the tap.

I rough chop them into goodly bite-sized pieces, and plop them into a salad spinner. Take about 1-2 tablespoons of Sea Salt (or Kosher, whatever you have on hand), give them a mix around and leave them sit for 15 minutes. Rinse & drain well, that’s where the salad spinner comes in handy. In a non-reactive bowl (I use a glass one), dump in the cucs and hold your nose, this stuff will make you sneeze, cough, gasp. Sprinkle with some Noh brand Kim Chee mix and stir; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours. Before serving, give it a stir again.

This is my last packette

This is my last packette

The Noh Kim Chee mix is very strong Korean chili pepper, use it sparingly to start, and then increase it to your liking. It can easily blow your head off, but in a good way.  I find this stuff, at least when we’re not in Hawaii, at Lee Lee International SuperMarket.

Handheld Goodness

Many years back, my SIL made the food for her son’s College Graduation Party at their home. She passed around this lovely warm tidbit that was heavenly. She called it a Rolled Calzone. She said that this sandwich could be served at room temperature as well. It sounded fairly straight forward, so I asked her to e-mail me the recipe. WOW! It had a lot of ingredients and I knew that in my tiny kitchen back home in Hawaii, this would be difficult. So I set about to make it work, mostly because both my husband and I thought it was wonderful.

Whenever DH and I head out on a road trip, I like to take along a few pre-made meals. Now, I’m not talking about something that I picked up from the freezer case. My goal over the past 5 + years since retiring, is to cook as much of the things that we eat as possible. I was rifling through my recipe binder and saw this recipe and knew that it would be great road food, not messy, handheld goodness. One of the things that I found easier with this dish is to use premade Pizza dough. Whether you buy yours in the cold case or in a pop’n fresh tube is up to you; I usually have dough stashed in my freezer.

I gotta’ tell ya’ though, I was in the Mega-Mart the other day and I was pokin’ around and what did I spy? This same thing being sold for over $8 for only 6 meager slices. MAN! This is why I cook.

Rolled Calzone

1 recipe of Pizza dough (Pillsbury will do fine)

3-4 Tbsp. Pesto

4-6 slices Deli Ham (I buy Boar’s Head brand deli meats)

4-6 slices Sharp Provolone cheese (also Boar’s head)

6-8 slices Hot Coppacola

2-3 Roasted Bell Peppers (jarred is ok, I make my own)

1 Egg White, beaten


Preheat the oven to 400º

Roll out the Pizza dough into a rectangle 24″ X 12″, with the longer side closest to you

Spread the Pesto on the dough, stopping 2 inches from the edges

Place a layer of each meat, then the cheese and lastly the peppers, again stopping 2 inches from the edges

Start to roll the dough into a log with the edge closest to you

Roll as tightly as you can

Pinch the edge into the log as well as the ends

On a sheet pan, sprinkle some Cornmeal and place the log seam side down onto the pan. Brush with the beaten Egg White and bake for 20-25 minutes, it should be very firm. Allow to cool completely. Slice as desired.

I trimmed this recipe down, but you can do with it as you like. My SIL put in Pepperoncinis, we are not fans. You really could use any Deli meats that you prefer. Maybe Roast Beef or Turkey breast; Swiss cheese or Cheddar?

Remember, a recipe is just somebody’s idea, you run with it and make it your own.