Daily Archives: January 23, 2013

After Dinner Blurb …

DH and I are trying to watch what we’re eating.

So I roasted off a Turkey Breast, portioned if off for multiple meals, sautéed some fresh Spinach with Garlic and EVOO, boiled some Hawaiian or Okinawa Sweet Potatoes


See the beautiful purple of the sweet potatoes?

stuffed pepper stoup

… and from the deep freeze, Stuffed Pepper Stoup, which is another Rachael Ray word for a cross between soup and stew. Thick and loaded with goodies as DH says.  All most tasty and not a lot of calories.

Food As Gifts

When I was growing up, our family didn’t have alot of money, as many homes in Hawaii were and are today. My parents taught my sister and I the value of a dollar, and a fun thing that we would do was to make the gifts that we gave. It started out as most kids will do in school, clay pieces that we made, or our first collage from magazine clippings. Little by little, as we got older, the gift ideas changed. As we matured, so did what we made. I’ve made all kinds of things, of course my most favorite gift is something to do with food.

Last year I made up a wonderful spice rub and packaged it in an uber cute way.

spice rub

My Mother had given me 48 spice jars, I really only needed 12. So I put this aromatic blend into the extras, along with a small bottle of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar; our friends loved it.


Cookies or any baked good for that matter is most welcome at anytime. I make a point of giving something each year to our USPS delivery person as well as of UPS guys. They are all very kind to us here in the middle of the desert.

Gift Coupon Booklet

This past Christmas, I was trying to figure out a funny, loving and heartfelt gift for my DH as well as my Mother. Mom doesn’t drive any more, but doesn’t like to bother me by asking me to take her places. So I made her a coupon book; I called it ‘Hot Chicks Express Transport Service-redeemable only by calling xxx-xxx-xxxx’ (she likes to email to me rather than pick up the phone and call) and did a copy&paste of photos of 2 gals in a great cars. I added a fun paper punch that I found at the hobby store, so that each ticket gets a punch with each trip.

DH feels that I don’t make his favorite dishes as often as he would like. So in his stocking was a booklet of coupons, advance reservations are required. One for a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies, homemade Raviolis, Pizza, Apple Pie and scratch made Double Crust Pot Pie (his choice of meat).

Homemade Dilly Beans

Mom loves Dilly Beans, but we can’t find them in the Supermarket any longer. So I figured out how to can my own, but we’ll talk more about this later. Suffice to say she was over the moon with this one.

Home Canned Italian Peppers

My American-Italian husband has tried to get me to make ‘Peppers and Eggs’, what the heck is that? Well, after years of research I finally got it. I put up my own Peppers, just as his Nonna did. You should have heard him, where did you get these? He was very happy. I’ll elaborate farther with this recipe as well, later.