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The Perfect Burger And Fries

On the odd occasion, DH and I get the meanest ono-s, as we say in Hawaii, or hunger for an All American Cheese Burger, Fries and a Coke. Not very often mind you, and I haven’t mastered that meal as yet. So there are times when you just have to go out to eat.

A few years back, we spent a month in Virginia with our nephew’s family. Actually, dear nephew was deployed in the Middle East, so it was a fun-filled month with his wife and two boys. Our niece-in-law was nice enough to let us borrow one of their cars, that way we didn’t need to rent a car. We went all over the Eastern Seaboard, loved it. We also spent a good amount of time with the boys. They are a ball. Our youngest grand-nephew kept asking us if we had been to Five Guys yet. We had absolutely no idea what the 6 year old was talking about. Finally, he asked us the same question with his Mother in earshot, and she translated for us. ‘It’s like a fast food place Auntie’, she explained, that only serves burgers and fries. The boys started to jump around, all excited, telling us what to order, and that we had to eat peanuts too. With that said, everyone’s salivary glands went crazy. It sounded like a fantastic idea for dinner, since the boys had baseball practice that evening, it was a done deal.

Oh baby, baby, baby.

I want to tell you, never, ever had either my husband nor I had ever had such a mind blowing burger and fries in our lives. Since that time, I had been going to the Five Guys website, waiting for them to come out to the middle of the desert. When they did, we had to take an excursion. At first, DH said no, I’m not driving all that way just for lunch. Then I reminded him of our time with the boys and that incredible that burger and fries.


It was well worth the trip.

I ordered a single bacon and cheese, or ‘little burger’ with pickles and DH had the regular Bacon Cheese Burger, which is two patties, with tomato and onions; ketchup on the side for him and I like Mayo, to dip my fries in. We now share a small order of fries after our inaugural run in Virginia; it was way too much with two orders. Let’s not forget a drink.

We were beyond stuffed as we walked out and over to our car. I suggested that we continue walking for awhile (maybe an hour) and try to burn off some of those calories, SO worth it though. As I said, we don’t do this very often.

So it’s at this point that I ask:

Have You Found Your Perfect Burger And Fries Yet?