Daily Archives: February 9, 2013

A Very COLD Blurb…

Oh My Gravy all over my two scoops of rice, that’s OMG !  in my world …

DH woke me up this morning saying, ‘I’ve moved us up North, IT’S SNOWING, LOOK!’ and throws open the blinds.

WOW! I had to take a walk-about and take pictures.

HEY! I’m from Hawaii, I never saw this kinda’ stuff until about 5 years ago.

I think that it’s pretty cool as I sit here, looking out the window, watching it snow, knowing that it’ll be gone soon; snow doesn’t last for very long here in the middle of the desert.

A Different Pasta

Did you feel the Earth move yesterday afternoon?

My husband who says, it’s gotta’ be like how I had it as a kid, dyed in the wool, American-Italian, ate whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce for lunch. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Good food isn’t bad food, but too much is.  I really just wanted him to try pasta another way.  You know, we may eat this more often.

** did ya’ see how I made all fancy like and plated the pasta into that swirl thing like they do in the restaurants… uuu… yeah right, let’s eat **