Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

This Is NO Diet Food, This Is Good Food!

This has been DH responses to his meals of late.

Quietly, I have cut back on his steamed white rice, bagels, dessert, snacks (well, he gets what I’m calling smart snacks) and really the same things that we’ve eaten for years, just rearranged a bit.  Do you see a pattern, white stuff and sugar, very limited.  Oh, and potatoes are only ‘bad’ when you put a stick a butter and a pint of sour cream all over it…

A friend of mine asked me the other day if I had any secrets, yeah, don’t tell ‘em anything, just ask questions: ‘How’s that tasting?’  I know the components that are well received in our house, I just play them up and leave out or drastically reduce the production of the ingredients that are sticking to our waistlines.

Since I do all of the domestic duties, or as I refer to the fact that I am the COO and my husband is the CFO (there’s a perfect Ying/Yang goin’ on), I do all of the grocery shopping; therefore I can decide what food items to buy. Ice Cream had been a must in our freezer; I just forgot to buy some, aw shucks.

This is NO diet food