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Chicken Skewers For A Cocktail Party

We got invited to a pot luck cocktail party last July (I know, I’m just catching you up), so I figured I’d make cocktail-sized teriyaki chicken skewers on the grill…it was for 20 people! I was at the grill in 102º heat for an hour and a half making 50 half sized kebabs.

I could only find 12 inch long bamboo skewers in my utensil drawer, so I soaked them overnight and then cut them in half with my very sharp kitchen shears, so that they wouldn’t split or turn to charcoal over the fire. I wanted to make something for the party that did not require a plate, napkin or any communal dipping into anything.

I sliced boneless-skinless chicken thighs into strips (which I always have in the deep freeze), soaked them over night in a bottled teriyaki sauce (yes, I cheat sometimes and keep some in the pantry) and threaded them up in the morning. It was very time consuming, a little more than an hour to skewer the buggers.

While grilling the first batch, I discovered bamboo that has been soaked overnight in water, still burns! My solution was to take my squirt bottle and shoot the exposed bamboo, also to move the meat down the skewer to cover up to pointed ends. The other conclusion I came to, no grilling in the middle of the day in the heat of summer, what was I thinking? As I finished each batch of these cuties, I put them onto a rimmed sheet pan with a rack to cool.

I thought about the presentation and remembered that the dollar store has a terrific selection of plastic trays and they’re only $1. I went with the clear platter and lined it with some almost ready to pitch out lettuce leaves from my crisper. I artfully arranged the meat sticks atop and there ya’ go. The great thing about this whole deal was that the hostess doesn’t need to be worried about washing another platter someone brought and try to figure out who to give it back to. My mother used to mark all of her platters in big-bold-sharpie-pen ‘SUE’, prior to taking them over to anyone’s house. When we go to these shindigs, somewhere during the evening I let them know, they can just put it into the recycle bin.

Chicken Skewers For A Cocktail Party

My husband was tickled with the end result; this was a party for a co worker who is leaving. He predicted that this would be the first dish to disappear and it was, by golly! Everyone asked, “Who made the kebabs” and DH piped up, “My beautiful wife”.

AAAWWWW! Did I tell how much I love this man? He enjoys sharing my food with other people just as much as I do.

If you wanted to make something similar to this, you could use any marinade that you like. Meat skewers are an easy dish and like my DF says, it’s party food. I can’t say that I really have a recipe, but you got the idea of it though, right?