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Let’s Have A Snack

Snacks are part of our diet, well let me expand on that. We try to eat 5 small meals each day that are lower in calories and healthful (is that a word?). Our day consists of your typical B,L&D; then in between, 2 very small plates, the type that you may use for hors d’oeuvres at a party. I found a bunch of different ones at different kitchen stores, I told you all about my obsession for kitchen stores, right?  I like to get white dishes, that way you can mix and match without having to think about it. DH could care less about plating techniques, “It’s just food, put it on a paper plate and then throw it away, no cleanup!” NO! That’s why we now have an automatic dishwasher my friend. Gee whiz, I never thought about it before, but I have 5 sets of dishes, is that too much?

But I’m getting away from the topic today, snacks.

The other day, I was looking around the pantry and ‘fridge for our late afternoon snack; nothing was appealing to me, but the 3 dozen eggs I had kept calling me. Yeah, deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs

The particular regime that we are following allows for 2 eggs a day, yeah, that’s it. This may sound pedestrian, but think about it, not very many people will pass up a deviled egg. At parties you’ll hear at least once, ‘ooh, I haven’t had one of these in awhile’. Wait just a minute, HAVE you every made deviled eggs, JUST for you?  They can be made in a multitude of ways, fancy or plain jane, this time, I went for middle of the road.

Deviled Eggs

I am of the Alton Brown camp on the hard cooking of eggs. Once the eggs are cooled in an ice water bath and peeled, CAREFULLY, I slice them in half from pole to pole (from the fat end to the skinnier end), let the cooked yolks fall into a small bowl.

For eye and tummy appeal, I place the hollowed out whites on to a small tray that has been lined with chopped greens, whatever is not nice enough for a salad, we’re not going to eat it anyways. To that small bowl, add a very small amount of fat-free salad dressing and a minuscule dash of spicy prepared mustard. Take a large spoon with a stout handle and mash away, until it’s very smooth. Add the flavorings of your liking, I went with dill pickle relish, grated sweet onion, dill weed, S&P, and cayenne.

The vehicle that I used to now get the yolk-mixture into the whites without a huge mess, a zip top baggie; spoon into a plastic bag and squeeze the mixture down towards one of the corners. Snip a small hole off of that corner, not too big, start small and then squeeze some out into the bowl first, this way I can gauge better how it with look as a finished product. Now, slowly start to fill each cooked white half, using a circular motion. Oops, if you don’t like the way one came out, that’s okay, very gently scoop the yolk-mixture back into the small bowl and start again.

I added a final flurry atop of each egg of more dill weed and smoked paprika, which I feel is an underutilized spice that should be in your cabinet.

Now, let’s have a snack.

Deviled Eggs