Daily Archives: February 19, 2013

A Shopping Expedition Follow Up

I had to take my mother to the doctor again today, VERY early in the morning. After I had dropped her off back at her house, I indulged myself with an extra cup of coffee at Starbucks and head over to Walmart, like I didn’t have enough fun there the other day. Well, as I was shopping for a couple a things that had been out of stock, I spotted this



Hmm, I never even imagined they would come up with a powdered teriyaki sauce. I suppose those Food Engineers can do anything with a few chemicals.  GEEZ-O!  The soy sauce is one aisle over!


Let’s Go Shopping!

Since I’ve retired, I have had the luxury of now doing what I’ve wanted, I am a Home Maker. That may sound terribly old fashion in the 21st century, but I truly enjoy making a house a home. DH refers to me, lovingly, as the COO, chief operating officer. When I first started this blog, I made mention in my introduction or my ‘About’ page, that I wanted to share not only the food that I put on the table, but how it got there, aka, SHOPPING!

On Sunday I went to the local Walmart, were I only buy a few items. I frequent several stores for just certain ingredients, what the heck, I’ve got all the time. I am absolutely crazy for grocery shopping. My husband has a part time job that he goes to twice a week to keep himself busy and that’s when I head out. I have learned over the past 5 + years of living here in the middle of the desert, to have my trusty little Sony Cyber-shot in my purse at all times. Our friends and family members know already that they can’t dig into their plates until I take a picture of it. Even my mother’s traveling companions make sure that one of them takes photos of each meal that they have, all around the world, thanks ladies!

As I was going up and down each aisle, even though I know my regular haunts like the back of my hand, I make a point of looking for something that I’ve never seen before. This last excursion was no expectation. I have a chef-y friend who simply cannot stomach Spam, you know, Hawaii’s most popular meat. If she had been standing there with me, she would have been rolling on the floor with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Don’t get me wrong here, I like Spam. My mother bought one and told me that it was actually very good (she doesn’t cook any more, just nukes stuff).


Not far from the premade-packaged-microwaveable-shelf stable dinners, I spied this, but I couldn’t keep my hand steady enough to get a decent snapshot.

When I got home, I went to their website; I put this one in the ‘are you for real’ category. WAIT! Candwich also comes in PB&J. Oh my gravy all over my two scoops rice (that’s OMG ! in my world). REALLY?

I prefer to scratch-cook as much as I possibly can, with a few cheats here and there. DH and I are trying to change our wicked, wicked ways by cutting our salt, sugar and saturated fats. As a matter of fact, only this morning my husband said how much better he feels since our sublte change in diet.  Not that we ate poorly, we’re just taking small steps to ensure that we live a long and healthy life together.