Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

Out and About With Mom

My poor mother, she had ANOTHER doctor’s appointment in town. She pretty much has had to go to see someone 3-5 times each week for about 6 weeks now. I try to make it more than being poked and prodded at by adding in a treat. Once everything was said and done, DH and I took her to lunch at one her favorite places, Coco’s Bakery Restaurant.

Out and About With Mom, Greek Salad

They make super salads, plus they serve breakfast all day, that’s why mom likes it so much.   Mom could eat breakfast for every meal, every day.  Both DH and I had the Greek salad, mother had a veggie omelet with a biscuit and hash browns and she ate every scrap of it!

As we munched away at our meals, it started to snow, again! And we still needed to take mom to the market to pick up a few groceries.

Out and About With Mom, WHAT?snow?!

It snowed just about all day long and accumulated on the ground to 2 ½ inches, WHAT, in the middle of the desert?