Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary Gift

My mother is so cute. This is how she finds out what I REALLY want as a gift, she says, “let’s go shopping and then out to lunch”.

When I go to pick her up, it’s the driver’s choice. Since DH doesn’t care to shop and lunch, it’s just the two chickadees. Not too long ago, Home Goods opened and you already know my weakness for things that go in a kitchen or on the table. We started to browse and my eye was immediately drawn to this beautiful ceramic centerpiece with matching candle sticks.

Happy Anniversary from Mom

WHOA NELLY! That was more than I had planned on spending on this particular expedition, so I took a pass till later. A few weeks later, mom and I took an afternoon off and went back to Home Goods, only to find my discovery from our previous trip was sold out. SHOOTS! A couple of months later it was our wedding anniversary; my mother invited us to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (we’ll save that for another time). When we got to mom’s apartment she asked if we’d like a cocktail before we went. She came back out from the kitchen with this big box, “Happy Anniversary”, she shouted. There it was! She had found it at a different location while on vacation with her friends in Colorado and hand carried it home.

Happy Anniversary from Mom

LOVE IT! Thanks Mom!