More Kitchen Toys, My New Acquisition

My obsession for all things related the kitchen continues. I originally started out today for Walmart to get my usual items, but I took a different route to get there and spied World Market. My mother talks about this place a lot, her and her lady friends like to go in and just poke around. Today I felt like browsing for a while. WOW! What a fun place.

Some time back I bought those red plastic burger/hot dog baskets at Sur la Table, but they didn’t have any of the red & white checker paper liners. I FOUND IT!!

new kitchen stuff

As I wandered around a bit longer I also found this olive oil can.  LOVE IT! The glass bottle with the pour spout is such a pain and it dribbles all over and makes a mess. ARGH!

I needed to go, but (in my best ArrrrNold) I’ll be back…



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