Daily Archives: April 11, 2013

The Grand Canyon and Lunch At The El Tovar Lodge

DH and I, along with our nephew’s family (he’s diploid in the Middle-East), had lunch at the Grand Canyon’s El Tovar Lodge Restaurant.

El Tovar Lodge at the Grand Canyon

If you know the story of the El Tovar, you would know that this is history that folks shouldn’t pass up. We stayed in Williams Arizona, mostly to be able to amble about in the evening and not have bored kiddos on our hands, or adults for that matter. Our full day in the Park was magical.  I kind of wish now that we had planned for more time there.  We only got to see a small part of the Park.

Grand Canyon

Anywhos, about lunch at the El Tovar…

Auntie Doni's lunch at the El Tovar Lodge Restaurant

I ordered the quiche of the day, sausage/ham/leeks/green chilis/monterey jack cheese … very yummy. There was a burger the size of your head, two Mediterranean salads, two cups of Beef Barley soup (a tad salty for my taste) and a bowl of pasta brought to the table as well.

Molded Butter at the El Tovar

Before any food was brought out, a basket of bread and butter was placed with care in front of me. Somehow they knew that I wasn’t on my diet any longer. I haven’t seen molded butter in, well, forever.

Yeah, we could have made ourselves a picnic basket filled with sandwiches to take along, but this was special, very special.  I’m so glad that we were able to share this with our family.