Daily Archives: April 18, 2013

Lunch Out In A Very Small Town

DH and I were out and about yesterday, running errands and it was WELL past lunch time. When you are dieting, I mean have changed the way that you look at food, one needs to eat on a regular timetable. There are only certain foods that we can eat as well as how they are prepared.

As we drove on, I remembered a place that we’ve been to a couple of times, Oracle Inn Steakhouse located in the small town of what else, Oracle Arizona.

Here in the middle of the desert, there are not many choices to get food out other than a chain fast food joint. Not for us. Nothing fried, breaded or soaked in butter, no can do on this diet. What we can eat is sirloin steak and chicken breast, which are both on the menu at this quaint restaurant.

This is not like a big city, slick, fancy kinda’ place, but just plain ole’ folk from around these parts, kickin’ back a few, havin’ a steak and maybe a piece of pie.

We already knew what we wanted to order: top sirloin, double the veg, no starch, hold THE most-delicious-fresh-hot-house-made bread (today it was marble rye), but NO (at least I said no), hold the bread and whipped honey butter, raspberry vinaigrette dressing on the salads, steaks medium with sauté mushrooms.   We’re not always a fan of sirloin, but they do it right at the Oracle Inn.

Hmmm, it’s Wednesday, that means two for one drinks (excluding shots) !

What a lovely afternoon out, were I didn’t have to cook, had a nice meal, TWO glasses of wine and a relaxing time with me very sweet husband.