Looking For That Right Sheet Pan

A while back, I had a half sheet pan that was perfect.  It fit in a home oven just fine AND in a dishwasher.  I paid a good chunk of change for it at Williams-Sonoma, but the finish was starting to come off and I thought that I’d best replace it.

Looking For That Right Sheet Pan

Yeah, you know it, they no longer make that particular type any longer.  I was so annoyed, I wrote to the company and just got a standard letter: thank you for your … blah blah blah.  I did more internet searches than Carter has pills.

So right about now you’re asking yourself, so what Auntie Doni, what does it really matter?  Just buy any old pan that you see.  NO my friends and neighbors!  The overpowering reason that I like THAT  half sheet pan over the countless others that I have tried is that it didn’t warp and twist and basically seize up in a hot oven.

You may remember our chat a while back about Sunday Brunch in my kitchen in the middle of the desert.  I like to cook up copious amounts of thick cut bacon for brunch; the simplest and cleanest way to accomplish this task is in the oven on a sheet pan covered in tin foil.  This makes for easy clean up on a lazy Sunday, meant to lounging the day away, as well as not having to mop the floor covered in grease splatters.  It took me a number of months, but I finally found my replacement pan in of all places, Walmart.

Looking For That Right Sheet PanLooking For That Right Sheet Pan

The Baker’s Half Sheet Pan with Storage Lid Natural Commercial Bakeware by Nordicware.  WAHOO!  It also comes without the lid and in a quarter sheet size too.  Both are less than $10 and I am so happy with this product.  I have been using these for almost two years now with no complaints at all.

Looking For That Right Sheet Pan

I use them for so many things: roasting potatoes, veggies, meats and not once have I had any problems.  Well, maybe just one criticism, it doesn’t fit in the automatic dishwasher, but I can live with that.



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