Daily Archives: April 26, 2013

OY! My Aching Feet

When you stand in the kitchen all day long on hard floors, your feet and your back, well most of your body aches. My wonderful husband bought me a GelMat for Christmas, but our kitchen is longer than the mat. So my choice is, do you want to have cushiness under you at the sink or the stove? Being from Hawaii, it’s our custom NOT to wear your shoes in the house, I don’t and I pay for it sometimes.

Our niece came to visit and had on a pair of super cute walking shoes. I’ve recently gotten back on the walking trail again to TRY  to get the last of these extra pounds off once and for all. The shoes that I have are so old and tattered; I figured I’d go hunting for some functional yet stylish shoes. My patient husband and I went to the Big Mall in town yesterday, after having lunch out (shoot, I forgot to take snapshots for you. Well, we agreed that we’ll go back there again, I’ll tell you about it then).

OY! My Aching Feet

I found the shoes that I wanted and tried them on. WOW! I’ve never worn skechers before. These are the GOwalk2. So light, so comfortable, so supportive. This bell went off in my head as I pranced around the store, this will be perfect for a long day in the kitchen on my feet. These could serve double duty.  But wait, they look adorable with my apron too!

OY!  My Aching Feet

Because I was so happy with this shoe, my generous husband said, “Get two. Don’t you like those other ones over there too?”

Yep, sure do! My aching feet thank you dear husband.