Daily Archives: April 27, 2013

What The Heck Happened Here?

Ya’ know… it’s not always prefect in a home kitchen, or a professional one for that matter. Sometimes, stuff just happens. I made two cakes for my ‘shop’ estsy.com/shop/CakeInACan, well actually to give to a restaurant in our area. I am hoping that they will try them out on their menu as a chalk board special. Maybe we could strike a deal where I provide them with a couple of cakes on the weekends to supplement the pies that they make. Every weekend they run out of dessert. They can’t keep enough pies around ‘til Sunday when their baker comes in.

Anywhos, I figured that I’d make two of my half-sized cakes…


The one little guy looks, well, just plain ole’ not very pretty!

Hmmm… How can we camouflage that? Crushed Pecans, yeah that’s it!