What’s New At TJ’s

I do so like to wander in a food store.

I was in our nearest (a good 40 minute drive away) Trader Joe’s the other day with nothing special that I HAD  to do. So I look. I scan the shelves it see something new and different. I’m pretty sure I told you about the granola adventure in San Francisco with my DH.

He didn’t see anything on the menu at Pat’s Cafe in SF, but the cereal and fruit seemed like it would be okay. Mind you, he doesn’t (so he says) care for granola. He sure liked this one!


I found a spankin’ NEW flavor of Trader Joe’s Just The Clusters granola…

TJ's Chocolate Just the clusters granola

Chocolate! YUP!

We haven’t tried it yet, ‘cause we’re still on our diet, I mean new way of looking at food, but that’s almost done. So, I figure it this way, it’s too far to drive to get a box of cereal, so why not buy it now, stash it so “no see-no eat”, right?

I’ll tell you what it tastes like in a couple of weeks… although, if you’ve already tasted this scrumptious morning time treat, you can tell me about!



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