DH’s Birthday Road Trip

On our bucket list, is to go to each Major League Baseball Stadium. My husband is a BIG baseball NUT!  Me, well, I’ve grown to like it more and more as each year of our blissful marriage goes by. This past September, we did a continuation of our Pacific Coast Highway trip, that’s on our bucket list too. We started out in Anaheim California (no, we skipped the Angels this time around, we’ll catch them later) and headed North, with a stop in San Francisco.



These are real snapshots that I took on our trip!


I don’t even know how many times I’ve been there in my lifetime, but this was his first. We had tickets that we purchased when they first became available on MLB.COM. We timed it so that we would see the Arizona Diamondbacks play the San Francisco Giants, on his birthdayHOW COOL IS THAT!

What would you care to drink?

Now I had heard tales that the parks in Cali for a little oddball with their food offerings, that wasn’t too far off the mark!

Chinese Food Vendor at AT&T Park

You could find just about any type of food that you might find in the entire city… not just the traditional dog, beer, pretzel and bag of peanuts.

AT&T Park wine bar?

I found some lovely adult beverages other than beer.



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