Re-Use, Re-Purpose, Re-Think

When I do my grocery shopping, I don’t bring my own bags. Yeah, I know, I should get on board. Last year, when we were back home in Hawaii, the voters passed a bill to ban all plastic bags as well as paper sacks containing less than 40% recycled materials by 2015.

MAIKAI, that’s Very Good in Hawaiian

But back here in the middle of the desert, I collect up my plastic bags and take them back to the market, where they except and recycle them.

I had a couple of boxes that I needed to mail the other day. I was searching through the house for some sort of packing material to stuff them with. I thought I had some bubble wrap in the storage cabinets out in the garage, NOPE. Then I looked in the paper shredder in the den, NONE. I went back out into the garage and saw my paper bag jam packed with grocery sacks.

Re-Use, Re-Purpose, Re-Think


I took one of the bags and started to fill it with other bags, one at a time; rolled it up like a sausage and taped it shout.




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