What Was Your First Cookbook?

Do you remember the very first cook book that you ever got?

Was it a gift; do you remember who gave it to you?

Did you buy it yourself?

Do you remember how old you were?

Do you remember the first thing that you created out of that cookbook? 

Mine was The Peanuts Cookbook; I was just about ten years old.  My Dad gave it to me for Christmas.  He knew that I SOOOOOO wanted to cook, but my Mom said that I couldn’t until I was “big enough to reach the stove without the stool”.

I made my Dad Cinnamon Toast, he said it was the best that he ever had.  I still make that for myself and get a nice warm feeling all over.

Daddy's girl

My Dad is gone now, but I still think of him and how he encouraged me to cook. We would have challenges when I got older and had more experience under my belt. He’d make a dish and then I’d try to trump him with a better dish.  He would get just as jazzed by food as I do.




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