Do You Even Use Your Kitchen?

We were invited to the home of a mutual friend; they had just completed a total re-do of their kitchen.  The Missus is showing me around.

It had:

Beautiful granite counter tops with full backsplash up to the cabinets

A huge center island done in old style butcher’s block (I wish I had)

SS prep sink with brushed SS facet, you know the really nice stuff on the TV commercial…all the bells and whistles

Solid Maple cabinets all the way up to the vaulted ceiling

Drop pendant lights over the breakfast bar/counter with leather bar stools…

Just a wonderland as far as I was concerned.  Spacious, but not cold and uninviting.  Anyway, she serves us Costco-pre-made-dishes (still in the tin foil pans) for a sit down dinner in their newly remodeled formal dining room… WHAT, WAIT!  Not to sound like a kitchen snob, but why would you have a kitchen to-die-for (I was drooling) and not cook?  And you spent all of that money, MAN OH MAN!

DH noticed as well, and you know guys, when you give them a beer… he asked the husband what’s up? The Missus doesn’t like to make mess, he said, never did, she DOESN’T COOK, EVER!!  Poor guy, they eat out or get microwave meals.

My husband has a new appreciation for his girl he said!!

Man, this gal’s OCD would have been over the Moon at our house the other night while I shallow fried chicken cutlettes, with the grease poppin’ and splattering all over…

My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert

My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert


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