Off We Go To Walmart

Like I said before, I only buy a few of our household staple items at Walmart, so I guess the rest of my two hour adventure this last time was just for the fun it.

I can’t help myself and I found that I’m not alone.

I met two other ladies on my most recent bi-monthly trip to Wally World that were doing the exact same thing as me, just lookin’. The difference in my case, I had a camera in my hand and they didn’t. Next time though, I think I’d maybe better go see the store manager-on-duty to let them know what it is that I’m up to. I had this guy tailin’ me during my entire visit the other day, OOOH!

Budweiser BBQ Sauce

My first find, WHAT?! No, really? The King Of Beers  is now in on Barbeque Sauce? I guess that makes sense, loads of recipes call for beer.

New McCormick Spice packet

This was super nifty. McCormick Gourmet Collection has a new line of spice mixes. I’ve always wanted to try something along this line, but I felt buying an entire jar of Herbes de Provence might turn out to be a waste if we didn’t care for it. This is marvelous, though it does make 10 servings (I missed that part), but that’s why I have a chest freeze.

Break and Bake Scones, love it!

I got this for my Mother, she loves fresh scones. Back in Hawaii, where we all shared a home, I sometimes made these for Sunday brunch. Now she can make her own, easily for herself at her apartment in the middle of the desert.

Sorry Guy, I’m taking a pass on these.

I call these stromboli

This just got my goat! I make my own Stromboli or Rolled Calzone, from scratch, for way less  than 8 bucks … mine are prettier too.

Bacon Jerky, who'd thought?

One of my chef-y friends was just telling me about this, Bacon Jerky, really. So I was purposely seeking this product out and I found it at the checkout stand of all places.

single serve, perfect

I liked this idea: A single serving size of a new product, prefect to sample. I tried this on some celery sticks (still nothing white allowed in the diet), Meh, not so much.

I hope that the next time you have some free time, you’ll just browse your local market and see what you can find that’s new or different or even not at eye level. Some of the greatest things I’ve found have been on the bottom shelf. Look around.




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