Okay, So I Went Shopping Again Today

I’ve already admitted to my food shopping/browsing addiction, and I have not found a cure for it, yet. But come on, I mean we all have to eat, and I can’t JUST  look at food stuff all the time, well, maybe.

Actually, this is a cute idea

This implement is in the category of, WHAT?  Then it turned to, um yeah, kinda cool. This would make a great grab bag gift idea … note to self!

A jar of pecan pie filling for how much?

This product I have categorized in my brain as, REALLY?  But I guess if you don’t drink bourbon and you want to make bourbon pecan pie, I suppose you’ll pay $13.99 for a jar of pie filling.

Icicle Radishes

Very interesting. I thought that these were white carrots, they’re icicle radishes.

WHAT? these are in our backyard back home in Hawaii

In Hawaii, guavas grow everywhere. You’ll see cardboard boxes in the front of homes with a hand written sign “take one” … and they want how much at AJ’s market? Kazowie!




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2 thoughts on “Okay, So I Went Shopping Again Today

  1. Mrs Beans May 29, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    The first time I saw what mangos cost on the mainland I almost fell over. Mmm, now I want mango bread.

    Guavas remind me of kindergarten. Guava juice and graham crackers.

    • auntiedoni May 29, 2013 at 8:00 pm

      Guava Juice, OMG! Trying to find that is a chore! 😀

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