Sometimes You Just Have To Give In

Yup, that’s how it is sometimes. You just have to give in and not try to fight it. For years, I refused  to use any jarred or canned marinara or spaghetti sauce to serve my American-Italian husband. When we were first married, the little island gal that I am, didn’t know one sauce from another. The first “Italian” meal I ever served him didn’t go so well, so ever since then I have strived to ensure that my Italian food was as close as possible to what DH would have eaten at his Mother’s table.

Over the years though, we have become more and more busy. You know when folks tell you that they’re busier now as a retiree than they ever were when they were working? IT’S TRUE!

So a few years back, our DF’s who live in Northern Arizona, suggested a jarred sauce that was very good. The last time that we went to visit with them, Missus DF and I went food shopping at the Trader Joe’s that had just opened not long before in their town, and we found this

Trader Joe's Sauce


I now keep a jar or two of this in my pantry at all times. It has saved my bacon on more than one occasion when I didn’t have enough time to plan out dinner. Boil up some pasta, heat the sauce and serve. Throw in any leftover bits you may have in the ‘fridge and its supper time.


*note: I do not work for, nor do I have any affiliation with Trader Joe’s in any way, I just LOVE  them!



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2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have To Give In

  1. Holly the crazy dog lady May 27, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Girlfriend, you HAVE to try Rao’s marinara too! It’s a restaurant in Little Italy NY and they sell their jarred sauces. Our Safeway carries it and I only buy it on sale when it’s $8.99 (not $14!!!) I am due for a trip to Trader’s………………

    • auntiedoni May 27, 2013 at 11:11 am

      LOVE RAO’s! Girlie, it was you and Tom who suggested Rao’s to use back when we still lived in Hawaii! Kinda spendy, I wanna say TJ’s was like about $4-5… `member? We tried that at your place, it was pretty darn good stuff. Thinking of making totally scratch made rav’s later this week… 😀

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