Daily Archives: June 2, 2013

Afternoon Tea

I may have mentioned previously that I belong to a Chef’s forum that has given me the confidence in myself to have ventured out and started my own food business.  One the gals that I’ve ‘met’ at this site is a Private Chef in Montreal Canada.  One day she was mentioning this tea that she found and how lovely it was.  She asked if I would be okay with sending her my physical address, that she wanted to send me a packet, sure I said, why not.

Afternoon Tea

She not only mailed me Love Tea #7 but also Aloha Pu’erh from David’s Tea.  The Love Tea #7 is the tea that my new friend wanted me to try.  It’s a Chinese black tea with dark chocolate, strawberries and rose petals.  Oh my gosh, the intoxicating aroma filled the house as soon as I poured hot water over the leaves, man!  And the flavor was like nothing I had ever had.  The Aloha Pu’erh is just that, pu’erh tea, which I’d never heard of before this, white chocolate, pineapple and papaya.  WOW!  Delicious, but I like the Love #7 better.

I made a cup of each so that DH and I could try both, along with a piece of Rum Cake from my shop Cake! In A Can.  We had a very civilized afternoon tea break.  I did a google search of this shop to see if there are any near us, not really, but that’s okay, I can order more online.  If you kinda of like tea, do try the Love Tea #7, it’s addictive.