Daily Archives: June 6, 2013

Oops, My Bad

DF Joey pointed out to me that I neglected to post the recipe for our roasted chicken dinner the other night (we’re having the leftovers for lunch today, BTW).

New McCormick Spice packet

Friend, what I did was to kinda-sorta follow the instructions on the McCormick spice packet. The difference was that since I had a whole, beautiful and delicious chicken-licken, I broke it down, removed the bone from the breast section and saved the wings and backbone. I placed those extra bits on the half sheet pan along with 3 yukon gold potatoes and the chicken parts that had been rolled around in the loveliness of the herbes de provence, ¼ cup of dry white wine (never that nasty cooking wine) and two tablespoons of EVOO.

The packet calls for cooking it all together for 45 minutes, but I just knew that we’d wind up with dust if I left the white meat in that long. So I took out the 4 breast pieces at the 30 minute mark; transferred them to a warm plate and covered them in tin foil while everything else finished cooking.

I’d never tried this herb mixture before, but we both enjoyed it so much, I’m going to seek it out and shell out the dough for it.

Oh and those extra bits went into the stock pot this morning, YUM!



Just Another Average Dinner

Yeah, so, `member when we talked about going shopping at Walmart and at Whole foods? We got that new spice blend by McCormick and the best chicken at Whole Foods.  Oh wait, I didn’t tell you about Mary’s Chicken.  This chicken has been voted the best by Americas Test Kitchen and I figured I just had to try it, plus it was on sale on the day that we went, oh and  it’s from my mother’s hometown…  BINGO!

Well, I finally got an opportunity to cook this and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!

DH was shocked and delighted, “where did you get this?”

I made this.

DH: “you cook good food”

I know!