Daily Archives: June 12, 2013

Another Rethink, Repurpose And Reuse Thought

This past weekend, DH and I went to visit with our friends in Prescott. They both have been kind enough to be my guinea pigs and taste the cakes that I test run for my shop etsy.com/shop/CakeInACan

Cake In A Can, Really!

I mail my cakes out in old fashion cookies tins to ensure that they do not arrive at your home as a box full of crumbs.

My grandmother use to make us cookies and give them to us in a coffee can and tell us that if we brought the can back to her she would fill it up again. Well, that’s exactly what I told Missus DF, gimme back your cake tin and I’ll filler up! As soon as I walked in the door she jumps up, gives me a big kiss and a hug along with a can! I did bring her another cake, just not in a can.

Another Rethink, Repurpose And Reuse Thought

As we left, DF filled the cookie tin with some of her chickens fresh eggs, laid that same morning! Now THAT is recycling at its best.