Daily Archives: June 15, 2013

Okay, So The Countdown Is Upon Us

DH and I have only a few more days of what I call freedom from our diet, I mean different way of looking at food again. This will be round 3 for us and the results have been pretty good. I’m hoping that we can wrap this up on round 4 and then just maintain our new and svelte physiques.

I probably should have made up a list of the no-no foods and spaced them out over the course of this off time. I still want some homemade cheese raviolis, homemade pizza, homemade cookies, and, and… I could go on, but it’s best that I don’t.

Frost gelato

Sweets are not really high on either of our lists of wants, but in the summertime we do like some sort of ice cream. I’m pretty sure I told y`all about Frost here in the Tucson area. They make the best gelato we’ve had, at least here in the United States anyway.

Blue Bunny Champ

I was in the market the other day, just pokin’ along down the freezer aisle, when this one case was calling me. I found Blue Bunny mini cones, perfect. Just a little something sweet, great portion control; on Sunday when there’s no more goodies allowed, I can just stash these cuties, if there’s any left, in the deep freeze out in the garage. Out of sight, out of mind.