Summer’s Bounty

Since leaving Hawaii, I’ve been able to prepare much more dishes with fresh vegetables. One of our favorite veg (well, really it’s a fruit) is the sweet red bell peppers. They’re great either raw or cooked. In the Summertime, while they’re in season and inexpensive, we eat a ton of them.

One day, while I was standing in the green grocers, I started to think about frozen veggies. Why was I paying the high prices in the market for a product that I could do myself and with no additives ? I did a search online and found that you can freeze any fresh fruit or vegetable that you want and save it for later in the year when they’re not in season.

I washed the whole peppers, keeping the plastic sack they were in for a garbage bag; cut each one in half, pulled the stem, seeds and ribs out and then sliced them into strips. On any rimmed pan that you have, spread the pieces out into a flat, single layer. Next, put the tray into the freezer, I leave them there overnight to get them good and solid. The following morning I pop all of the now frozen pepper strips into a zip-top bag and back into the deep freeze they go for the Winter months when they are WAY over priced.

Think about how many recipes you use sweet bell peppers in… and how much you pay for them in the Winter. These two trays cost me $3.00, yup, that’s it. Now, had you bought a 12 ounce bag of frozen pepper strips, that would easily be over $3.00. I got SIX bags for that same price!!!




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