We’ve Joined The 21st Century

My wonderful husband has been on me for years to get rid of our old 32″ tub television and get a nice BIG set. I finally gave in, and off we went to Costco. I did some research online prior, so I knew what we wanted. Once we found what we were looking for, this very nice man came over to ask if we needed any help. “Nope, this is what I want for my birthday”, I said. Mister Nice Man asked me why I had chosen this particular TV, “the sound is suppose to be good as well as the picture”, I responded. Then we shows us the next one over, WOW!

Our New TV

Can I tell you how great food looks in High Defenition!

Now, here’s the rub of the entire story:

DH then had to pay to redecorate the living room because that 55 inch behemoth television doesn’t fit in our entertainment cabinet. Thank you La-Z-Boy Furniture Center, Happy Birthday to ME!


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2 thoughts on “We’ve Joined The 21st Century

  1. Holly the crazy dog lady August 2, 2013 at 9:29 am Reply

    Please don’t let Tom see this…I ADORE my living room entertainment center!!!! Hm…maybe one for the sewing room 😉

    • auntiedoni August 2, 2013 at 3:10 pm Reply

      did I say that we redecorated the front living area too? Well, more like just took some of the stuff from one room and moved it to the other…

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