Daily Archives: August 4, 2013

Was Someone Talking About A Birthday?


Yup, even at my age, I still like to celebrate my birthday. My mother likes to take us out to a nice meal for, well any occasion, she just plain likes to go out to eat. DH made the arrangements with her and off we went. Back home in Hawaii on your birthday, someone, or everyone, would give you flower leis or garlands.

leis of all types

Sorrowfully, that is no longer the case for us now that we live in the middle of the desert. I remember my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, my Dad gave my Mom 25 strands of Pikake or Hawaiian Jasmine flowers. The fragrance is so heady, very distinct and different from other jasmine flowers.

three strands of pikake lei

This year it was just a nice dinner out…

Hauoli la hanau, Happy Birthday to me