Yup! My Mother always asks all of us ‘kids’ to make up wish lists for Christmas and our birthdays. This year for my birthday I said that I wanted this particular pot. “WHY?” was the response I got, and my sister didn’t think that I needed … “ANOTHER POT? Doesn’t she have enough pots by now?” And my answer to both questions are: because you need the right tools for each job and a good cook never has enough good equipment.

My New Pot!

This is the Rachel Ray Hard Anodized 8 quart Pasta Pot. I’ve wanted this pot ever since she first introduced it. It’s the oval shape that I love, you can just plop your lasagna or spaghetti noodles into the boiling water, no trying to get it to fit, it does! Then DH looks at the pot and says, “ooohhhh, you could make a nice big pot roast in there too, couldn’t you?”

Well, actually it worked great on its inaugural run of Kalua Pig and Cabbage, yum!

We’ve talked about this dish before, but this was made easier with a nice wide pot. I have the roast pork in the deep freeze already made up. In order to put the dish together, we simply heat the pork in a touch of vegetable oil and then in goes some onions and cabbage along with a couple of tablespoons of water or broth; cover and steam the veg to your liking (we like a crisp-tender, not boiled to death).

leftover rice can be re-heated in a freezer bag

Serve over steamed white rice (I keep leftover rice in the freezer a freezer-zip-top bag and just pop it into the micro to reheat, tastes just like fresh rice).

yum-o-licious!  Kalua Pig and Cabbage

And it’s dinner time, let’s eat…




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