Day Two Of Our Great Western Adventure

Can you believe it? I was up at 5 am! We got ready and went down to breakfast in the hotel. It was okay I guess for the free fare that you get in a hotel. Then it was out the door with us. Bryce Canyon, WOW! Even the drive up there was beautiful, going through those red rocks. We got our America the Beautiful annual pass, which will get us into all of the National Parks for a year.

Bryce Canyon Utah

What I had read before hand, was to drive all the way to the top of the road, which was 13 miles, and then work your way back down to the front gate. That was perfect! We got to see the red rocks and formations in the different changing light and then on top of that, the pullouts or vistas are all on the driver’s side going up, it made sense.


We had a picnic lunch at Sunset Point which was the only stop with water and water flushing toilets. It was a very pleasant day, it started out at 45 degrees when we woke up, but by the time we had lunch it was about the high 60’s.

Dinner at Ruby’s Inn again, I ordered a baked potato with the trimmings all on the side and a cup of chili; I topped my potato with everything, yum.

It was Rainbow trout for my husband and we shared an apple pie ala mode. We’ve found it best to go to eat dinner by 7pm; I’ve never seen so many Germans in one town that wasn’t in Germany. We were told that 88% of visitors to the National Parks for NOT Americans.

Oh, I forgot, there was this campground just outside of the entrance to the park that was TIPIs, for real kind that you could camp out in! I didn’t get a picture though, shucks!


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