We’re home!

What a whirlwind Christmas season we’ve had! My darling husband and I went to the Carolinas to spend the school break with our two grand-nephews.

What a fantastic time!

We flew this time as opposed to driving from the middle of the desert to North Carolina, and that was a breeze on Southwest Airlines. We were fondly greeted with a group hug from the boys and their mom in the Raleigh-Durham airport; then whisked away for our 3 hour drive to Camp Lejeune, where our nephew is stationed (he’s deployed AGAIN somewhere in the Middle East, please support our troops). We decided to stop and have dinner somewhere along the way.

Tribeca Tavern.

On the table was: Fried Calamari, Nacho, `Burgers (for the boys), Bison Meatloaf, and Fish Tacos served with a Black-eyed Pea Salad.

`Scotch the Doggie

The boys had school the next morning, so we were greeted by `Scotch the Golden Retriever, our furry nephew. He became my DH’s fast and steady friend.

… this left the adults to find lunch for themselves at Smithfield’s Chicken `N Bar-B-QOH MY GRAVY ALL OVER MY TWO SCOOPS OF RICE  (that’s OMG in my world) MAN! That’s good eats. I wanted to get the full effect, so I ordered the ‘Combo Dark Platter’, which is comprised of two pieces of dake meat fried chicken, BBQ Pork, your choice of two sides (I got cole slaw and potato salad) and hush puppies. We went back a second time with the boys, it was that good. Different. They serve Eastern Carolina Q which is a vinegar based sauce and the potato salad was loaded with yellow mustard. The chicken was heaven!

We made several trips to the Commissary, what with two growing boys, and look what I found!

look what I found!

I got two jars of my beloved furikake that I can no longer find here in the middle of the desert, can you believe this?

our niece cooked for us every night that we were at their home

Someone cooked for me for a change. Our nephew’s wife, Liz, whom we refer to as our niece, served us many delicious meals, but I didn’t always have my camera handy. On this evening, it was tortellini with sausage, bacon, asparagus, grape tomatoes and fresh basil.

Now, no one can say that either my husband nor I aren’t kids anymore. The boys got rounded up most afternoons (mostly someone would knock on the front door and ask “can your Uncle come out to play”) for some kind of game … nerf gun warfare, touch football, basketball or my personal favorite: Silly String fight on the front lawn at midnight on New Years, in our PJs!

We took a ride over to Wilmington one day to do a little Christmas shopping. The boys insisted that we try their new favorite burger joint, which they claimed was better than Five GuysWHATCHU SAY?  NO WAY!

Um, well, I… yeah okay! Here’s why I like P.T.’s Olde Fashion Grille, BEER! I mean come on man, who over 21 years of age doesn’t want a cold beer with their cheeseburger and fries?

Our niece, Liz, received a new food processor as a gift from her in-laws and wanted to christen it by making homemade pizza, I’m game. It was wonderful!

a fabulous Christmas Dinner, thank you Liz!

After all of the presents had been opened, assembled and played with, we all sat down to fantastic Christmas meal of Rib Roast, and I didn’t have to cook, again! Great job Liz!

Wow, I’m getting pretty long winded, I think that I’ll continue our Christmas story in my next installment…



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  1. Mrs Beans January 17, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    Holy moly those grindz look good!

    • auntiedoni January 18, 2014 at 9:02 am

      Wait, there’s more to come. We were in the Carolinas for about three weeks!

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