Daily Archives: February 4, 2014

The Other White Meat

If you have been following along with us on our journey of dieting, oops I mean changing how we look at food, you may have noticed that we can have some forms of pork. We love the piggy! You may also remember that I have a chef-y friend who gives me guidance from time to time (hey Joey!). On her most recent visit to our home, she was kind enough to bring me some of her magic dust, aka Espresso Spice Rub, MMM!

boneless country spare ribs with Espresso Spice Rub from Joey

I found some gorgeous boneless country spare ribs that normally, I would cook up in the Sunday Gravy pot along with some meatballs and hot Italian sausages…but a bell went off in my head…

Why not try the rub that Joey gave me and throw these babies on the gas grill along with some smoke?

I patted them dry, rubbed `em with some vegetable oil and then a liberal amount of the Espresso Spice Rub.  I had already gotten the gas grill smokin’ with a tin can (don’t forget to punch some holes in it) full of soaked apple wood chips over the primary burner and the other turned off.  Placed the meat on the cool side of the grates, turned the flame down to low, closed the lid and let them do their thing for about 10 minutes.  The internal temp got to about 135⁰- 140⁰; it was on to a platter and I covered them in tin foil to rest whilst I grilled some veg as a side dish.

PORK!  It's what's for dinner