Let’s Talk Brussel Sprouts

Yeah, I know, not a lot of folks care for vegetables. I might have mention earlier that I wasn’t fan as a kid, mainly because of the way that my mother cooked certain dishes. As I’ve learned over the years of cooking for myself and my husband, go ahead and revisit some things that you thought  you didn’t like.

The first time that my husband took me to visit with his family, my future sister-in-law made a lovely meal for all of us, a table groaning with food. There was a very large bowl of some sort of green leafy vegetable that both DH and I looked at questioningly.  “What’s that?” he whispered to me, “just try a little bit of everything to be polite”, I answered.

WOW! That was super, what is it? Brussel Sprouts, really?

Here’s what she taught me.

The Family’s Brussel Sprouts

I suppose it’s not really a recipe so much as a technique.

With a small paring knife, cut out the core and discard, along with any outer leaves that are blemished

Separate the leaves by simply unfolding the little orbs, placing them into a colander

Wash the leaves thoroughly, but don’t shake off all of the water, leave some to help with the cooking process

Heat a large skillet or Wok over med-high heat

Add 2-3 tbsp. of Olive Oil, heat just `til you see wisps of smoke

Sauté as much fresh minced Garlic as your family likes (we like A LOT)

Add in the leaves and sauté briefly, just to a crisp-tender

Season to taste with salt and pepper or maybe a pinch of Red Pepper Flakes for a kick if you like

Serve warm

our family's Brussel Sprouts


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Brussel Sprouts

  1. floursugareggsandbutter May 1, 2014 at 5:47 am Reply

    That’s what I did wrong!
    Thanks for the mini tutorial…
    Brussels Sprounds are trendy right now so I gave them another go but the entire dish got rinsed off and tossed in the compost bin.
    Gonna be trying them again using your technique.

    • auntiedoni May 1, 2014 at 12:18 pm Reply

      Right Grace? I never really cared for the little buggers before, too bitter, YUCK! BUT, please do try it this way, it’s so much better. I’ve also thought that one should try different dishes again that they never liked, but with a new twist… you knows, you may like it. Now I like liver, but in a country pate or rumaki. 😀

  2. auntiedoni October 15, 2014 at 8:13 am Reply

    Reblogged this on My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert and commented:

    Recently, I was involved a discussion in a food forum about Brussel Sprouts. I had no idea how hated these tiny cabbage-like veggies are. I know that DH and I were not fans, until I discovered this technique. One member mentioned that they add sauteed Pancetta, YUM! We need to try that version, soon. Which brings to the point today of reblogging this post, ENJOY!

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