Let’s Talk About Martha

… Martha Stewart that is. You can say what you want about the women, but she knows food and entertaining.

I’ve had her recipe for Classic Blueberry Crumb Cake for a good long time, but had yet to make it. While we were living in Hawaii, I only dreamed of making this coffee cake.  Fruits that are shipped in from the “mainland” are quite expensive, and this cake calls for THREE CUPS of fresh, not frozen, blueberries. At over $6.00 for a half pint in Honolulu, it was cost-prohibitive to say the least. Here in Arizona, I picked them up for 98¢ the other day; seeing as DH had requested a homemade coffee cake, here goes nothing (can you tell that I’ve been in a baking mood?).

SSHHH! I didn’t say that most coffee cakes are made with sour cream, we don’t tell DH things like that. Can you see all of the blueberries in the topping? These berries from California are HUGE!  I didn’t dust the hunk-o-deliciousness (it’s 9″ X 9″ X 3″) with powdered sugar until we were ready to serve. This cake is moist and chuck full of fruit, really good.  I shared with the neighbors as well as stashed some in the deep freeze for later.  There’s no comparison to scratch made food, be it sweet or savory.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Martha

  1. floursugareggsandbutter August 6, 2014 at 8:00 am

    When you are ready to use the freezer stash don’t defrost before you bake.
    The lovely juice will puddle all around them 😦 something to do with the frozen crystals
    piercing the fragile skins.
    Just toss them still frozen into the batter.
    I think this was a tip I learned from MS.
    Must be a good thing lol.

    • auntiedoni August 7, 2014 at 8:06 am

      That is a good thing, Grace 🙂 as our girl Martha would say … Mahalo, thanks

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