… And On The Way Home

Our last trip to Prescott to visit with Mister and Missus Dear Friend was a little different.  On the way home, we stopped off at this place that I’ve wanted to try, Rock Springs CaféFINALLY!

The Monsoon Season was still in full swing, so we had to head out from Prescott earlier than we would have liked.  We grabbed a quick breakfast in the hotel and were on the road to get away from a bad storm that had been predicted.  By the time we got down towards Black Canyon City on Arizona I-17, we figured we were safe enough to stop and have lunch.

I ordered the “Summer Special”, a half sandwich with your choice of potato or macaroni salad.  My half was their beautiful Chicken salad made with dried cranberries, diced apples, celery, mayo and dill, served on lightly toasted brown bread; along side is a generous handful of homemade potato chips, YUM (wish I had a good dip in my purse that day).  The macaroni salad on my sandwich plate was ALMOST as good as mine, loved the addition of sliced Black Olives; not too much mayo in the mac or chicken salads, even DH liked it.

My husband was a bit hungrier than myself, so he had the Meatloaf Dinner.  WOW!  Two slabs of delicious Meatloaf, your choice of mash or fries, soup or salad and a veg, which was a corn cobblette.  There were two different soups that day, the house soup of roasted Pablano Corn Chowder or the daily special of Beef Vegetable Noodle, which DH had, it was all very good.

Now, Rock Springs Café is best known for their Pies, but we didn’t want to be too full; we still had a ways to travel and that storm was right on our heels, time to get out of Dodge.  We opted to have our dessert to go, which you can purchase in the General Store at the front of the building. What a cool place.

Pie to go @ Rock Springs Cafe

But I digress, back to the bakery.  You can order by the slice or an entire pie, we went with a slice of Apple, Cherry and a Walnut Sticky Bun.  MAN that was super!  I want to try their brownies and cream pies too.  There are so many other treats at the Rock Springs Café, so we’ll just have to go back.


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