Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

Sitting At The Sushi Bar

Whenever my husband and I go back home to Hawaii, it is a MUST that we go to Genki Sushi, especially the one that is about a mile from where we use to live in Kaneohe.

Genki Sushi in Kaneohe, Hawaii

Genki Sushi is a chain restaurant that originates in Japan and is now on the mainland too.

You can pull a stool up to the counter in front of the conveyor belt that carries small color-coded plates of ONO~liciousness . If you prefer, there are booths for larger groups, that’s where we like to sit.

We usually start out with a small bowl of Miso soup, Edamame, Somen Salad, Teriyaki Chicken, and then Karaage Chicken.  MMM!

Shoyu and Wasabi

Okay, time for the main event, SUSHI!  On the belt you’ll see a special plate with the Wasabi or Japanese Horseradish.  Put a dab into your Shoyu dish and mix.  Now I know that in a proper Sushi house, one would never mix the Wasabi with the Shoyu (Soy Sauce), but we do, along with many other Americans.

It’s a bit like a buffet on wheels going past you, just grab what you want, but please don’t put it back, other than the Wasabi.  If you don’t see  your choice, you can ask the friendly waitstaff to have it made for you. I love their menu, it’s so cool.

So, we’ve got our cup of hot tea, a big glass of water, let’s eat!


Time to pony up.  Each color-coded plate has a designated price, anywhere from $1.50 to $4.80, it just depends upon what’s on it.  I think our tab was about $40.00 including a tip this time around.  I can’t wait until we can get back to Hawaii and have some super eats!