Turkey Day Is Coming, Are You Ready?

I wanted to reblog this post, mainly because I tried another “convenience” food item, Jennie-O Oven Ready™ Boneless/Skinless Turkey Breast. Not for us, sorry Jennie. I’ll stick to my tried and true method for our turkey choice, which we eat often.

My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert

In my X number of years in the kitchen, believe it or not, I have never brined anything. Well, let me say that I did once, unfortunately I brined a turkey that already had 8% salt solution enhancement, ACK!  It was a Thanksgiving of side dishes only that year, so I never tried it again, until now.

All of the turkeys or parts thereof, that I have prepared I’ve just chucked into the oven and said a pray, oh please kitchen gods, let my meal be good this once? Recently, I have been buying Jenny-O turkey breast tenderloins that are already flavored. It took me till now to look at more than the calorie count. MAN!

So back to the basics.

I searched the `Net, looking for a brine recipe that I,

a) had all/most of the ingredients for, and

b) sounded tasty

I settled on my own twist…

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