I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Cannoli Ice Cream Cake

A few weeks back, DH and I were invited to a dinner party by a neighbor down the road a piece.  Of course I asked if there was something we could bring.  “Oh my dear, you’re such a good cook, could you make the dessert?”  Sure, not a problem.  How many guests will there be, I asked?  14 our hostess replied.  Hmmm, what to make for that number of people, I pondered.  Ah, then I remembered that my gal pal who owns and runs her own restaurant in Colorado sent me a recipe for Cannoli Ice Cream Cake.  She told me that she had been making this all Summer long and it sold out every night.


Cannoli Ice Cream Cake

6 C. Vanilla Ice Cream (I used an entire carton of Blue Bunny Premium, 1.75 qts.)

1 ½ C. Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese (I like Polly-O brand)

¾ C. Sweet Orange Marmalade

6 Tbsp. Dark Chocolate, chopped (I had some Ghirardelli Bittersweet chips and chopped those)

6 Tbsp. Pistachio Nuts, chopped (I like big chunks)

¼ tsp. Vanilla Extract

¼ tsp. ground Cinnamon


6 Almond Biscotti Cookies (not the dipped or frosted type, just plain)

4 Tbsp. melted Butter


Start with your crust.

Break the cookies into big pieces, adding them to the bowl of a food processor; add the melted butter and pulse the machine until you have nice crumbs, not too fine.  Turn this out onto a rimmed baking sheet and bake in a 350⁰ oven for 8-10 minutes, until golden brown.  Cool completely.

Let’s assemble.

In a large bowl, scoop out the Ice Cream and allow to soften just a bit, not too much though, you don’t want soup.  Add the remaining ingredients (not the cookie crumbs though) and mix well with a wooden spoon (I just thought of something, my Stand Mixer would have worked well for this).

Line a 9 inch spring form cake pan with plastic wrap, leaving enough excess hanging over the sides, to be able to cover the top once it’s filled.  Pour the Ice Cream mixture into the pan and smooth the top using an off-set spatula.  Sprinkle the cookie crumbs evenly over the top, just barely pressing them in to adhere.  Fold the plastic wrap over the top to cover well.  You might want to get extra plastic to be sure it doesn’t pick up any funky tastes.

Stash in the freezer at least over night, but 24 hours is best.

To serve, release the form, peel away the plastic and transfer to a platter, this might be tricky.  Allow to soften for about 5-10 minutes, slice and share.

Cannoli Ice Cream Cake

One of the other guests asked our hostess where she bought this Ice Cream cake and she told them that I had made it.  “Drat!  I was hoping it was something I’d be able to buy somewhere.”


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