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It’s Cold Outside, Let’s Make Bread!

A while back, I was talking about this great bread recipe that our Dear Niece-In-Law gave me, it’s a No Knead Bread made with All Purpose Flour.  We went over to a neighbor’s for dinner a couple of weeks back, and Mrs. Neighbor says, “I don’t cook, but I can bake bread”, of which she served with our wonderful meal.  Come to find out, it’s the same recipe that someone had sent to her.  Ever since then DH has been pestering me making this bread again.

Well, I decided that this go around I’d make this batch with Bread Flour, Grana Padano, a kind of Parmesan, and dried Rosemary that I pulverized in my mortar and pestle.  I left the dough to rest for 18 hours before baking it off.

Look at the color, GBD, golden brown and DELICIOUS!

Look at the color, GBD, golden brown and DELICIOUS!


When I ‘thumped’ the bottom of the loaf, it had that perfect sounding thud.

This recipe gives a nice chew

We had to taste test it!

Our afternoon snack, bread, cheese, salami and olives with peppers

As you can see, SOMEONE attacked our snack already


Well, maybe that would be better as our afternoon snack with some Olive Oil for dippy-dipping, some cheese, salami and olives with peppers. MMM!

Homemade Bread Sandwiches

Amazingly enough, we still had some bread left the next morning, so for lunch I put together a Salami, Cheese and Roasted Pepper sandwich for the hubby; Hot Roast Beef with Cheese for moi.