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Aloha Friday Lunch With An Old Friend

Gyotaku in Aikahi Park, Hawaii


… at Gyotaku in the Aikahi Park Shopping Center; very, very, VERY ONO!!  This is from their lunch special menu, Gyotaku Combination Bento 2, only $17.95, WOW, that’s a great value in Hawaii.  It comes with a small salad, which was delicious, but I had already eaten that by the time I got my senses about me to take a photo. Both DH and I ordered our two choices as the Misoyaki Salmon (cooked perfectly by the way) and Chicken Katsu (think uber crispy boneless fried Chicken).  They offer brown rice, if you must, rather than white rice.  For me, a Heineken light rounded out my meal, my husband is the designated driver for our crew, so none for him.

Now isn’t this a looker?  Quite a beautiful presentation in the lacquered bento box. Oh, and did I say everything was filling too, YUM!  We walked away with full stomachs after a long and leisurely afternoon with a friend, it was so good to see her again.

Happy Aloha Friday!

A Beautiful Aloha Friday Evening In Paradise

Sunset from The Great Lawn @ The Hilton Hawaiian Village


Sunset on The Great Lawn at The Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Absolutely gorgeous


Ft. Ruger Market, FISH!!

Here’s something that we don’t get In The Middle Of The Desert,

We went over to Fort Ruger Market, one of our old favorites for Poke.  MAN!  Can you see the prices?  But this stuff is so fresh, I mean, straight off the fishing boats this morning.  The Smoked Tako or Octopus was like eating Beef, really tasty.  The Ahi or Tuna Poke has super fresh, as in plucked from the Ocean this morning, as well as the Limu or Seaweed.  I asked for a dash of Shoyu on the Tako Onion and Ahi.  Before you freak out too much and say, ‘I can’t eat raw fish’, the Octopus is cooked.

We took our booty back to the apartment and had dinner el fresco on our lanai, overlooking Diamond Head.

Shoyu Chicken, assorted Poke, Cucumber Kim Chee and steamed Rice


I had some leftover Shoyu Chicken, Cucumber Kim Chee and some steamed Rice.  WOW!!

Menu Board at Ft. Ruger Market


I thought about getting us some Opihi, but, GEEZ!!  That’s okay, I’ll pass.  A quarter pound container would be $15.25 before tax (yes, Hawaii taxes EVERYTHING!).  That stuff is like gold.

Ft. Ruger Market


So if you every make it to Oahu, do rent a car, do try the different local foods, do go to Ft. Ruger Market and get some fish and maybe even a six-pack of beer to wash it all down.


Aloha Friday From The Moana Hotel

@ The Moana Hotel

One of my all time favorite hotels,

The Moana Surfrider Hotel, a Waikiki Icon

A hui hou, until we meet,


Start Your Day Right With Breakfast

Breakfast in Hawaii

Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice (that’s OMG! in my world) !! THIS my friends, is how we do breakfast in Hawaii, oh yeah.  SPAM!!

Now, there is a way to doing this, believe it or not.  I like to slice our Spam® on the thick side, so I cut that beautiful hunk-o-goodness into 6 pieces.  Next, a touch of oil in a non-stick pan heated to about medium-high.  Sear each side to a lovely golden-brown crispiness, we like crisp, and serve with steamed white (or brown if you must) “stick rice” along side eggs done to your own preference.  For the added local-style, sprinkle some furikake over your rice (and eggs if you wish) with a drizzle of shoyu, Aloha brand low sodium, please.  Oh and don’t forget the Guava Juice too…


This is the way to my home-sick-Island-gal’s heart, baby… and can you see what’s in the background of this photo?  Yupper, that’s Diamond Head.

A hui hou, until we meet, ALOHA

The Ultimate Yoga Class

So, here we are in Honolulu Hawaii and my husband and I are going to some beach or another just about every day.  On this day we found ourselves at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon, fabulous!

Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon

I mean, come man!  How beautiful is this?!  The lagoon use to be just awful, polluted and nasty when I was growing up, but now…

the Ultimate Yoga Class


The Ultimate Yoga Class

A hui hou, until we meet,


Aloha Friday From Waikiki

Surfboards in Waikiki

A hui hou, until we meet,


We’re Home!

We’re home in the Islands, back home in my beloved Hawaii Nei!  I have SOOOOOO been waiting for this.  We haven’t been back in three years, and were was our first stop?  Same as always,

Genki Sushi 

The last time that we went to Genki’s they did not serve any beer, nor could you BYOB.  What’s sushi without beer?  WELL!!  The Kapahulu store now has beer and wine; that makes me very happy.

I’ll check in with more later,

A hui hou, until we meet,


Fried Saimin, My Kind Of Beach Food

Oh My GRAVY all over my two scoops rice (that’s OMG! in my world)… I re-read this post and I realized that I forgot one of the key ingredients… DASHI. I add it to taste, maybe a teaspoon all the way to a tablespoon, depending upon how much noodles your making, but I don’t care for it as the predominate flavor of the dish. The soup base package that comes with commercial saimin will do fine, but if you’re using yakisoba noodles, as I did, you can find dashi sold by itself. I use the leftover packettes for my deluxe won ton mein, but that’s another post :

My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert

I could eat Fried Saimin any time of day or night, it’s so ONO (delicious). WHOA! Did you hear that? That was my stomach, that’s how much I like this dish. I never thought to make it myself; back home in Hawaii you can get it even at the gas station. I know, I know the jokes about gas station food, but in Hawaii there’s a company that only makes grab-n-go foods for gas stations, and they are very good.

On our last trip home, every day we went to the beach, duh! And on the way I made DH stop to get something to take with us on our long days of baking in the sun; it was a tough job, but someone had to do it. A favorite place for me is Zippy’s, a family restaurant with take outs and at most locations a full service restaurant and…

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