Daily Archives: May 20, 2015

Start Your Day Right With Breakfast

Breakfast in Hawaii

Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice (that’s OMG! in my world) !! THIS my friends, is how we do breakfast in Hawaii, oh yeah.  SPAM!!

Now, there is a way to doing this, believe it or not.  I like to slice our Spam® on the thick side, so I cut that beautiful hunk-o-goodness into 6 pieces.  Next, a touch of oil in a non-stick pan heated to about medium-high.  Sear each side to a lovely golden-brown crispiness, we like crisp, and serve with steamed white (or brown if you must) “stick rice” along side eggs done to your own preference.  For the added local-style, sprinkle some furikake over your rice (and eggs if you wish) with a drizzle of shoyu, Aloha brand low sodium, please.  Oh and don’t forget the Guava Juice too…


This is the way to my home-sick-Island-gal’s heart, baby… and can you see what’s in the background of this photo?  Yupper, that’s Diamond Head.

A hui hou, until we meet, ALOHA