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Aloha Friday Lunch With An Old Friend

Gyotaku in Aikahi Park, Hawaii


… at Gyotaku in the Aikahi Park Shopping Center; very, very, VERY ONO!!  This is from their lunch special menu, Gyotaku Combination Bento 2, only $17.95, WOW, that’s a great value in Hawaii.  It comes with a small salad, which was delicious, but I had already eaten that by the time I got my senses about me to take a photo. Both DH and I ordered our two choices as the Misoyaki Salmon (cooked perfectly by the way) and Chicken Katsu (think uber crispy boneless fried Chicken).  They offer brown rice, if you must, rather than white rice.  For me, a Heineken light rounded out my meal, my husband is the designated driver for our crew, so none for him.

Now isn’t this a looker?  Quite a beautiful presentation in the lacquered bento box. Oh, and did I say everything was filling too, YUM!  We walked away with full stomachs after a long and leisurely afternoon with a friend, it was so good to see her again.

Happy Aloha Friday!

A Beautiful Aloha Friday Evening In Paradise

Sunset from The Great Lawn @ The Hilton Hawaiian Village


Sunset on The Great Lawn at The Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Absolutely gorgeous