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Zippy’s Restaurants

Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice!  That’s OMG! in my world…

One just MUST go to any Zippy’s on Oahu while there.  We had one just up the block from where we were staying in Honolulu.

We could have eaten here every day, for every meal, but we didn’t.  These photos are of some of our favorite dishes, taken on multiple visits.  Gotta say though, hands down, our fav is the Chili & Chicken Plate!  Both DH and I had been sooooo  waiting for that.  There are so many choices of local yumminess at any Zippy’s location.

I’ll stop now.



Another Happy Aloha Friday

Happy Aloha Friday from Waikiki


Grab yourselves an adult beverage and put your feet up, it’s the weekend.


Grocery Shopping In Honolulu

Before you decide that you want to live full time the 50th State, think about what it’s going to cost you to eat.  When we lived in Kaneohe, I would just cringe every time I went shopping for food.

On our first expedition while on our month long stay back home, we sought out Walmart.  Now I know some folks are dead set against that brand, but when you can save a buck here and a few coins there, you do it.

Fresh eggs in Honolulu, FROM ARIZONA!

Here’s what floored me on this trip, EGGS!  Most fresh eggs are shipped in from the mainland.  Can you see the farm name?  Hickman’s Family Farm, and do you know where that is?  ARIZONA!  YEP!

You can find all sorts of treats in the supermarkets, like one of my favorite candies, Sesame Seed Candy, MMM!  Usually these goodies are made with peanuts, but these are the bomb-diggity  with Macadamia nuts.  Note to self: need to figure out how to makes these.  They’re ooey-gooey-chewy (watch your dental work) with that crunch from the sesame seeds and nuts.  AND, can you see where these are made?  My hometown.

Some other finds that I can’t get in the middle of the desert:  Miko brand Scottish Bangers, Diamond Bakery Crackers and Cookies and Hinode Rice (no meal is complete without rice in Hawaii).  I must admit, in less  than 3 weeks, we blew through that 5 pound bag of rice.


Two Farmers Markets, All Local

Over 90% of goods in Hawaii are brought in from elsewhere, so I made it a point before we left for Honolulu to investigate where I could buy locally grown produce.  The two closest Farmers Markets that I found to where we were staying was on the Kapiolani Community College campus and at Jefferson Elementary School.  Maybe it’s just me, but I say that all of the local fruits and vegetables that we bought tasted so much better than the other stuff.

The KCC Farmers Market is held on Saturday mornings and on Tuesday evenings, a small group of vendors there.  Saturday mornings are a zoo, I suggest if you go, go early, they start at 730am and wrap it up by 11am.  It gets really crowded with tour buses and trolleys dropping off tourists from Waikiki and then there’s the local folk with their reusable grocery bags, jockeying for a parking spot.   I would also recommend you bring cash, it’s just easier.

KCC Farmers Market, prepared foods

Oh, and go before you eat breakfast too, because there are herds of prepared foods, very ONO!  The Kahuku corn was already sold out by the time we got there, dangit!

Tuesday evenings are so much more calm and relaxed, but only a handful of folks selling their wares; mostly prepared foods for your dinner selection, we had Ice Cream, MMM!

The Farmers Market at Jefferson Elementary School on the corner of Kuhio and Kapahulu avenues is small, but fun; I loved the nice man playing Hawaiian music and the tent with tables and chairs to sit and grind your plate lunch.  They operate on Saturdays as well.

At each of these locations, you can find not only local produce and prepared foods, but how about some fresh tropical flowers to brighten up your vacation rental, it made a lovely addition to ours.  There were different salts, spice rubs, honey, baked goods, coffee, handmade quilts, clothing, oh my gosh, I can’t even remember it all, but ALL LOCAL.  I didn’t take many photos because it was so crowded, but I will be back!


Happy Aloha Friday

Another beautiful sunset in Honolulu Hawaii


Another beautiful sunset in Honolulu Hawaii.

A hui hou, ALOHA!

Choi’s Family Restaurant In Honolulu Hawaii

My husband would eat at Choi’s a lot when he was still working, due to a multitude of reasons, but the main was the proximity to his old office location.  He would take me there on our days off together, which weren’t often, but we never had a meal we didn’t like, nor could finish.  We love Korean food!

On each of our visits back home, we make a point of stopping in for a bite and a chance to say hello to Momma Choi, the owner-chef, she always remembers us.  “Eh, where you been?”  And the feast begins.  Momma brings out the typical Korean accompaniments: a tofu and seaweed soup, kim chee, a bowl of steamed rice, daikon, my husband’s favorite, and Spinach Tofu Salad with this wonderful sweet-spicy Korean pepper dressing, WOW!  I eat the tofu and DH eats the spinach (sorry I didn’t get a photo of it, but you get the idea).

We ordered a #4 (Kalbi, Meat Jun, Fried Man Doo) and #5 (Kalbi, Chicken Katsu, and Fried Man Doo) plates that we shared.

Okay, so, now you’re asking yourself, what is all of that?

Kalbi is Korean BBQ Beef Short Rib, with the ribs cut flanken rather than English style.  Meat Jun is super thin beef dipped in an egg mixture and then pan fried, oh and a lovely dipping sauce too.  Chicken Katsu, we’ve talk about here in the past, it’s chicken cutlets breaded in Panko Crumbs and shallow fried.  The Fried Man Doo is simply a pork dumpling that’s fried, but Momma makes her own wrappers nice and thick, they have a great bite to them, also dipped in its own sauce, MMM.  Each plate is served up with Bean Sprouts and Cabbage, both are blanched and seasoned, think of them as your salad.

This visit to Choi’s was no different than any of our others, we had almost enough food left from our two plates to make another meal for both of us, OH WAIT, we did!  I just made a fresh pot of rice and that’s dinner.

Did I Say That We Were In Hawaii For A Month?

Hmmm, I guess I didn’t.

My husband and I decided to stay in Honolulu this time for a month in a vacation rental very close to where we lived when we first got married, Oahu’s Gold Coast, BEAUTIFUL!

We have family in Hawaii, but we thought that we’d all enjoy a month long visit this way.  I found this place on, great site.  By staying in a condo with a full kitchen, we could cook a lot of our meals with local ingredients that we love and missed so much, saving us a bundle.  Don’t get me wrong, we did eat out from time to time, mostly at small Mom & Pop places that we knew and frequented when we lived here.  But I’ll post more about all of this in the days to come.


Our Last Aloha Friday In Paradise

The view from our apartment


This the view we had from our apartment while in Honolulu.

Aloha ‘oe,

A hui hou