Two Farmers Markets, All Local

Over 90% of goods in Hawaii are brought in from elsewhere, so I made it a point before we left for Honolulu to investigate where I could buy locally grown produce.  The two closest Farmers Markets that I found to where we were staying was on the Kapiolani Community College campus and at Jefferson Elementary School.  Maybe it’s just me, but I say that all of the local fruits and vegetables that we bought tasted so much better than the other stuff.

The KCC Farmers Market is held on Saturday mornings and on Tuesday evenings, a small group of vendors there.  Saturday mornings are a zoo, I suggest if you go, go early, they start at 730am and wrap it up by 11am.  It gets really crowded with tour buses and trolleys dropping off tourists from Waikiki and then there’s the local folk with their reusable grocery bags, jockeying for a parking spot.   I would also recommend you bring cash, it’s just easier.

KCC Farmers Market, prepared foods

Oh, and go before you eat breakfast too, because there are herds of prepared foods, very ONO!  The Kahuku corn was already sold out by the time we got there, dangit!

Tuesday evenings are so much more calm and relaxed, but only a handful of folks selling their wares; mostly prepared foods for your dinner selection, we had Ice Cream, MMM!

The Farmers Market at Jefferson Elementary School on the corner of Kuhio and Kapahulu avenues is small, but fun; I loved the nice man playing Hawaiian music and the tent with tables and chairs to sit and grind your plate lunch.  They operate on Saturdays as well.

At each of these locations, you can find not only local produce and prepared foods, but how about some fresh tropical flowers to brighten up your vacation rental, it made a lovely addition to ours.  There were different salts, spice rubs, honey, baked goods, coffee, handmade quilts, clothing, oh my gosh, I can’t even remember it all, but ALL LOCAL.  I didn’t take many photos because it was so crowded, but I will be back!



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